Bannatyne Hide Pipe Bag with Zip Highland Bagpipes pipes bottle water trap dri

Bannatyne Hide Pipe Bag with Zip Highland Bagpipes pipes bottle water trap dri
Bannatyne Hide Pipe Bag with Zip Highland Bagpipes pipes bottle water trap dri
Bannatyne Hide Pipe Bag with Zip Highland Bagpipes pipes bottle water trap dri

Bannatyne Hide Pipe Bag with Zip Highland Bagpipes pipes bottle water trap dri
Bannatyne Hide Pipe Bag with Zip. This pipe bag is supplied with a bottle water trap and fixings.

In a short time zip bags have revolutionised piping for a large number of players. Easily fitted, stocks are slid and clamped into place whilst the zip gives internal access that allows a piper to benefit from the wide variety of moisture control systems and valves that can be fitted. This double skin bag is finished in leather and gives all the benefits of the new generation of synthetic pipe bags whilst retaining the feel and, some would argue, the resonnance of traditional hide bags.

The new Willie McCallum Custom bag is designed to be a better ergonomic fit for pipers. It is very slightly bigger in girth than a small but is shaped quite differently in front of the drones to allow greater freedom on the forearm, which can often bear the weight of the pipe with other shapes. Trap Dri Bagpipe Moisture Control Full Bottle Trap Set Up. Trap Dri is the rapidly growing moisture control device now played and recommended by the worlds top pipe bands and solo pipers. The trap captures and retains moisture, preventing it being blown through the tube and into your bag by utilizing existing air pressure to create an airflow through the device that vacuums in moisture like magic, with pipers reporting on average 100% or more extra water pour off using the device. 4 point moisture capture makes this one the most efficient and stable forms of moisture control available. The selected elbow forms a pre water trap inside stock, Trapdri collects and holds excess condensing moisture, mid connector creates a further stop to any water allowing the bottle and cloth to do what it should which is dry the passing the air without being saturated with the excess moisture from the tube and being rendered useless after 10 - 20 mins playing.

Pipes remain in tune longer and can be played longer than before. Trap Dri Ultimate Bagpipe Moisture Control Water Drying System.

Includes expansion kit with silica gel and standard tube ends allowing the increase/decrease of moisture as required. Turns the full bottle system into an all out moisture system for all playing conditions and can be easily changed by swapping rear section of the system at the mid joint. The silica gel attachment uses multi airflow to distribute air evenly across the silica gel to obtain maximum drying power resulting in superior performance. Does what it says on the tube in this case.

For use with Canmore , Bannatyne , Moose bags as well as others. A very simple yet effective way to fit your chanter stock to the bag. Alternative to tying in cord. Brand new addition to the Canmore® product range, our innovative new bag has been created by combining our technically advanced fabric which is based on a specially developed GORE-TEX® membrane with natural hide. Suitable for all Highland Bagpipes.

The new bag is compatible with most moisture control systems. The bag is supplied with the following. 4 collars and fitted with a TIZIP allowing access to fit the drone stocks and if you wish to fit any moisture control systems,'O' ring, Jubilee clip and bonding tape for the stocks. Also included is a 2 year guarantee and fitting instructions card. Available in the following sizes.

Small: Depth 230mm x Length 625mm. Extended Small: Depth 245mm x Length 665mm.

Medium: Depth 280mm x Length 685mm. Large: Depth 295mm x Length 710mm. The features offered by the CANMORE® pipe bag include. The new construction creates an innovative solution for the piper by providing a bag with the weight and feel of a traditional hide bag, whilst maintaining the original properties of the CANMORE® Pipe Bag such as.

Maintenance Free - no seasoning necessary. Longer more hygienic bag life.

Ease of assembly (no tying in necessary). The Moose Bag has been designed for ultimate comfort whilst playing. The shape, positioning and design of all the components are a result of 2 years of extensive research to bring absolute satisfaction to every piper who plays one. The Moose Bag is a synthetic pipe bag with an airtight zipper. It features rubber collars for the three drone stocks and blowpipe stock which are placed at the perfect angles.

The collars require no clamping or taping which make the Moose Bag very easy to install. The airtight zip runs at an angle along the side to avoid contact with the arm whilst playing. The chanter stock can be fitted in 3 different ways depending on the preferred set up. Available in small medium and large. All Moose bags come complete Moose Tubes for use with most cannister system(Moosture control system can be added for blowpipe/chanter and or drones).

Also included TIZIP lubricant , Rubber ring, 2 Rubber collars, Grip pad and Jubilee ring for tying in bag. (please state clearly size sml, med or lrg).

The CANMORE pipe bag is a technically advanced fabric pipe bag - based on a specially developed GORE-TEX membrane. Bannatyne Synthetic Pipe Bag with Zip.

Bannatyne Hide Zip Bag Willie McCallum Design. The zipper is located at the bottom. A jar style water trap is also included. The item "Bannatyne Hide Pipe Bag with Zip Highland Bagpipes pipes bottle water trap dri" is in sale since Thursday, April 19, 2018. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments\Wind & Woodwind\Folk & World\Bagpipes". The seller is "blowpipesandstrikingdrum" and is located in blantyre, South Lanarkshire. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Bannatyne Hide Pipe Bag with Zip Highland Bagpipes pipes bottle water trap dri

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