Learn Great Highland Bagpipe pipes Tutor Book + Practice Chanter + Reed

Learn Great Highland Bagpipe pipes Tutor Book + Practice Chanter + Reed
Learn Great Highland Bagpipe pipes Tutor Book + Practice Chanter + Reed
Learn Great Highland Bagpipe pipes Tutor Book + Practice Chanter + Reed

Learn Great Highland Bagpipe pipes Tutor Book + Practice Chanter + Reed
Available in English , French Italian and German-Your. Starter pack includes Instruction booklet now with links to online videos(no need for cd rom). RG Hardies Practice Chanter and a Practice. Chanter Reed by Tru-Tone or Frazer Warnock.

The College of Piping Tutor now National Piping Centre Book-Part 1 (front cover may change). The College of Piping's famous green tutor. The only way to start a piping career. Join the thousands of other pipers worldwide who have learned the College way. New tutors come and go but for fifty years the College Tutor One has stood the test of time.

Tutor One now comes complete with a CDROM at no extra charge. The CDROM also contains worksheets to help you with your music theory and PDQB syllabi for Levels One and Two.

Microsoft Media player is required for the media files. Audio can also be played on a normal CD player. 1White or Red Practice Chanter Reed. Synthetic practice chanter reed from RG Hardie. Frazer Warnock Red Practice Chanter Reeds 2 Pack. Made since 1982 and still the world's favourite practice reed! The practice reeds will give you the best of both worlds, having synthetic blades which are traditionally tied by hand. G1 practice chanter reeds are made from the finest raw materials producing a great sounding reed that is also durable and will outlast any reed youve had in the past. 2PK Practice Chanter Soft Brushes. This set of 2 soft cotton brushes are specially designed for the practice chanter. Soft brushes are used for wiping the inside bores. They can be used to wipe away condensation or clean away any build up.

They can also be used to apply Bore Oil to a blackwood practice chanter. Thumb Stop - The thumb is a must for every beginning piper. It is used to train the thumb on your right hand to stay directly behind the middle finger. This will help you have the proper finger placement allowing you to play burls, taorluaths, and grace notes properly. As well as being good for a beginner, they are great for an existing player who wants to work on their technique.

RG Hardie Practice Chanter Reed Protector. This reed protector is for blackwood chanters due to a common problem where the top cracks. It is very important to break down the chanter and allow the hemp to dry out. If this is not done it can cause the top to crack.

This reed protector features extra holes at the top allowing the reed to be safely stored in a pipe case while the chanter dries out after playing. R G Hardie Deluxe Practice Chanter Case. Hardie practice chanter bag provides excellent protection for storing a standard or long sized practice chanter along with an A4 book(chanter and book not included).

A build up of moisture in the hemp joint of a practice chanter can cause blackwood tops to fracture. The case requires the chanter to be broken down for storage which helps dry out the chanter after every practice session. Case features include: Grab handle A4 book pocket Accessories zip pocket Reed bottle storage pocket Protective covers for the practie chanter top and bottom Velcro fasteners for the top and bottom PLEASE NOTE THE CASE CONTENTS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES ARE NOT INCLUDED. R G Hardie Deluxe Pipe Chanter Case. Hardie deluxe pipe chanter case provides protection for storing a pipe chanter which is essential for blackwood pipe chanters.

Features include a padded interior, two elastic straps to hold the chanter in position and button closures. Please note this case will not accept a chanter with a sole. Practice Chanter Cases from McCallum. Available in the standard case which will fit your practice chanter and reeds or larger version in which you can fit a tutor book (college of piping size)or some sheet music. Both cases will also neatly fit into your pipe case and keep things organised.

Bannatyne Practice Goose and McCallum Practice Chanter. Etic Bag with two plastic stocks to insert the blowpipe of the practice chanter and one for the chanter part of your practice chanter.

New product from McCallum Bagpipes; Practice chanter and goose combination. As you can see from the photographs you can play it as a practice chanter or you can separate the practice chanter and add it to the goose bag and play it as a goose. It is available with either the McCallum Junior, Standard Practice chanter. McCallum Standard Practice Chanter(No Mounts)picture PC2. Manufactured from polypenco, these instruments are a quality product producing a true tone for the discerning ear.

Highly durable and easy to maintain, your McCallum practice chanter will offer you years of enjoyment. McCallum Junior size Practice Chanter(No Mounts)picture PC1. McCallum Standard Size Practice Chanter picture PC3. Manufactured from wood or polypenco, these instruments are a quality product producing a true tone for the discerning ear. McCallum Pipe Chanter Size Practice Chanter(No Mounts) picture PC4.

Manufactured in polypenco, these instruments are a quality product producing a true tone for the discerning ear. These practice chanters come in a wide selection of colours and sizes.

McCallum Techno Wooden Practice Chanter. Please ensure you state your choice of colour on your order. Instead of standard alloy finish these chanters are available in Red , Green , Blue and Purple techno-colours. All come with plastic top, celtic pattern engraved techno-colour.

This is a cool beauty of a practice chanter! Learn to play bagpipes or keep up your practice in brilliant Techno-Colour! You have choice of either a standard size practice chanter or pipe chanter size practice chanter. Also you need to chose if you want to add Engraved Bowl and Mouthpiece Ring to the Engraved Ferrule and Sole. RG Hardie Standard Plastic Practice Chanter.

Hardie standard plastic practice chanter with plain beaded nickel ferrule and imitation ivory sole. Once we receive your order we will put it in to be made up- This will mean that it may take a little time to be ready. We may also have one in stock to send directly.

We will let you know how much waiting time. Please send message if required.

RG Hardie Junior Plastic Practice Chanter. Hardie Basic Junior Plastic Practice Chanter The R.

Hardie basic junior practice chanter is a budget chanter with a plain finish and countersunk holes. An excellent choice for a young child who has not yet developed for the standard or long size practice chanters.

RG Hardie Long Plastic Practice Chanter. Hardie Basic Long Plastic Practice Chanter. Hardie basic practice chanter is a budget chanter with a plain finish and countersunk holes. An excellent choice for a beginner. RG Hardie Colour Plastic Practice Chanter (reed not included).

Hardie Basic Standard Plastic Practice Chanter available in a range of vibrant colours including Blue, Pink, Red and Green. Once ordered , due to small volume these sometimes have to be picked up from RG Hardies on confirmed order, so can add a couple of days before despatch. Hylands Tunable Practice Chanter from the makers of Moose. The Hylands Tunable Practice Chanter is very much like most other practice chanters except it has the unique feature of a threaded tunable section.

This allows quick easy tuning adjustments at any time without reed manipulation. This feature is very convenient when playing together with a tutor or a recording and especially in a group situation like a band chanter practice. As well as the ability to easily tune, the Hylands Tunable Practice Chanter also has a few other features which set it apart from most other practice chanters. The holes on the practice chanter are consistent with the spacing on most pipe chanters and are countersunk to give a good feel whilst playing. The Screw-in Mouthpiece is reverse threaded. This means that the mouthpiece screws into the Top Section rather than on to it. This ensures that in the case of an unfortunate breakage, the mouthpiece needs only to be replaced rather than the whole Top Section. The Ferrule and Mouthpiece Ring are made from Stainless Steel so they retain their new look and are simply cleaned using a soft cloth.

The Reed Seat is threaded to allow for easy adjustment and ensure the reed doesn't fall out. The black plastic used in the manufacture of the practice chanter is polished to a high gloss to give a very classy finished product. The College of Piping Tutor Book - Part 1. The College of Piping Tutor 1 New Edition.

This is the book that has guided the progression of thousands of learners from the basic techniques to successfully mastering the great highland bagpipe. In this new edition (summer 2017), the books original integrity has been maintained a testament to the authors clarity, coherence, and connection with the learner whilst taking cognisance of current PDQB guidelines. RG Hardie Standard or Junior Practice Chanter. Versions available in English, French, German, Gaelic, Italian or Chinese. Please indicate on your order if you wish for any version other than English and if you want the junior practice chanterNo message we will send a standard practice chanter with English Language Tutor.

Starter pack from National Piping Centre. Starter pack has everything needed for a learner to begin their Bagpipe career! Included in the pack is the NPC Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 1, a standard Plastic Practice Chanter made by RG Hardie, Glasgow, and a practice chanter reed made by tru-tone. The Highland Tutor Book was compiled using the experience of staff at the National Piping Centre, the NPC tutor book introduces music theory and basic repertoire of'light music. The tutor book is suited for all ages, and covers everything needed in order to play the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe.

The book is formated in an easy to follow, step by step structure; each chapter introduces new elements of bagpipe music, the theory and technicalities and then in how to play in a practical concept. Included is a CD ROM, where you can watch demonstrations and sound clips of the materiel covered in the chapters, allowing you to hear and see exactly what should be produced! The item "Learn Great Highland Bagpipe pipes Tutor Book + Practice Chanter + Reed" is in sale since Thursday, August 1, 2019. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments\Wind & Woodwind\Folk & World\Bagpipes". The seller is "blowpipesandstrikingdrum" and is located in blantyre, South Lanarkshire. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Learn Great Highland Bagpipe pipes Tutor Book + Practice Chanter + Reed

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